iPhone 11 Pro Max Tops Consumer Reports Smartphone Ratings

Consumer Reports has announced that the iPhone 11 Pro Max now sits at the top of its smartphone rankings with an overall score of 95. The iPhone 11 Pro Max is followed by the iPhone 11 Pro in second with a score of 92 and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ in third with a score of 90.
Among other features, the iPhone 11 Pro Max earned top points due to its greatly improved battery life and high quality camera.
Your battery life will vary depending on how you use the phone. The important thing is that Consumer Reports’ tests are standardized by meticulous, persnickety engineers, so you can compare the results for the dozens of phone models in our ratings. The 11 Pro Max’s 40.5-hour stretch amounts to an impressive 11-hour increase over the 29.5-hour total of last year’s iPhone XS Max. The 11 Pro went 34 hours on a single charge, up from the 27.5 hours of the iPhone XS.

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